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Below are links to information, products and services.

Designs for Health Nutritional Products

Designs for Health is a professional brand, offered exclusively to health care professionals and their patients through referral. By providing comprehensive support through their extensive line of nutritional products, their research and education division, they and Lifestyle Nutritional Management are able to maximize the potential for your successful health outcomes.

Selecting a Dietitian/Nutritionist

In the state of Massachusetts a nutritionist or dietician has to be licensed in order to practice. Here are two objective fact sheets for helping you select a qualified practitioner.

Nutrition Information

Good tools and basic information on nutrition.


If you are new to exercise, we recommend a specific style of traditional yoga: TriYoga This style of yoga is meditative, gentle and gradual, which allows the beginner to learn asanas gradually, with low risk of injuries. There is a TriYoga Center in Boston area in Waltham:
KaliRay TriYoga in Waltham. Dr. Tsaioun is certified in Basics level of TriYoga and uses yoga in her nutrition practice.