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Dr. Tsaioun’s interest in the study of nutrition and wellness began early in life. As a teenager Dr. Tsaioun suffered from weight imbalance. To overcome this she experimented with a large variety of approaches, and ultimately achieved long-term success with an approach emphasizing balanced nutrition, combined with an active lifestyle that includes regular exercise in a variety of forms: cardiovascular and resistance training, hiking, bicycling, and yoga.

  Katya Tsaioun

This early interest developed into a career path. Dr. Tsaioun went on to study nutrition at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. As a graduate student there, she worked at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, where her research focused on the role of vitamins in aging. She studied extensively about the mechanisms of aging and the process of developing preventative approaches and medications that could slow down the aging process. Dr. Tsaioun then spent many years working in pharmaceutical industry, where her knowledge of nutrition and human metabolism contributed to the development of new medicines. Her research in the industry focused on drug-drug and food-drug interactions. Such research into early discovery of these interactions during drug development process helps advance development of safer medicines. Currently, Dr. Tsaioun is a scientific advisor of Safer Medicine Trust, a non-profit organization that is focused on the validation of human models-based testing for drug development.

At Human Nutrition Research Center of Aging at Tufts University Dr. Tsaioun researched the role of a Vitamin K-dependent protein in the cognitive function as a function of age, publishing several scientific papers on the subject.

Dr. Tsaioun’s nutrition consulting practice emphasizes that the goal of optimal nutrition goes well beyond what one eats: it's about the whole lifestyle. It not only includes exercise at the gym, but it also includes an introduction to an active lifestyle, healthy cooking techniques, and helps bring the social aspects of nutrition and wellness into your life.

Some of Dr. Tsaioun's work has been cited in the following online sources:

Dr. Tsaioun is also the founder of Apredica, a preclinical ADME Tox contract research laboratory.

Dr. Tsaioun is fluent in English, Polish, and Russian.