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WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: The Lifestyle Adjustment Approach

Most weight imbalances are lifestyle diseases. The treatment of problems surrounding weight is as complex as the problem itself, and requires a thorough analysis of your lifestyle, followed by our science-based approach for modifying that lifestyle in ways that you can accept and follow in order to achieve balance over time. It took you more than a week or a month to develop the habits that you have today. It is going to take the same amount of time to develop new habits. Studies show that new habits from after 12-16 weeks of introduction and consistent practice of the new habit. We provide support during this crucial period so you stay on track.

We start by analyzing what, when, and how you currently eat to identify where your calories are coming from, and how you use up those calories. We also look at your lifestyle holistically, and help you see and identify where the imbalances are coming from. From this analysis, we determine which lifestyle changes we should start with, which foods can be added, and which foods can be replaced. We also look at what lifestyle changes you can readily implement first to optimize energy use and help change the way you view the eating process overall.

Our approach at Lifestyle Nutrition Management is that weight management involves the whole person. It's not just how much you eat, but it's your whole lifestyle that affects your weight. Weight balancing programs should not rely on starvation diets or fattening diets to achieve their aims. We do not ask you to count calories or go on an abrupt strenuous exercise program because these approaches have been shown to work only short-term. While the consumption of calories often does have to be modified, this only is going to produce long-term results if done gradually. It is our mission to find a lifestyle that helps find balance for you and your body without drastic immediate changes. Gradual adjustments to calorie intake, your daily menus, and your exercise routine will feel natural and will ultimately find more sustainable results.

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